Conversion Wednesday – An Error a Day, Keeps the Shoppers Away

By Dan G


Apple Anyone? Which apple would you go for here? I think the choice is obvious. So why would a person’s website preference be any different?

  1. Flawlessness Shows Professionalism.
    If your site is simply flawless, has no dents, bruises, worms, or bugs and pleases the shopper in every way, then turn back now because this video isn’t for you. However, if you can think of a couple places where your site could be improved upon, where a few annoyances or errors could be fixed, or you’re not even sure because you haven’t been to every page on your site in a while, then stick around. You’ll want to hear this one.

    A shopper generally has respect and trust for sites that radiate flawlessness throughout. They are less likely to think twice at checkout, and they are more likely to be impressed and satisfied with the design and layout of your site. That’s a common fact.
  2. Don’t take bites out of their apple.
    However, if you “take bites out of their apple”, so to speak, and leave a couple aesthetic impurities on your site, they’ll be less than impressed and more likely to think twice about staying on your site or finishing the checkout process.
  3. Bugs will Gross them out
    And if you have prominent bugs or errors on your site then you’re pretty much asking them to leave. Make sure all of your security certificates are up-to-date and double check your site for CSS and Javascript Errors. Then if you find any, make sure you get those fixed immediately!

Get all of those bugs out of your Apple! Otherwise, no one will want to eat it.

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Here are some common bugs to look out for on your site:

  1. Aesthetic CSS Issues (Dents or Blemishes)
    Quite simply, these are little annoying things on your site – an uncurved corner on an information box, bad color schemes, text overflowing out of its box or borders. These things just don’t look right. And they’ll definitely turn off your prospective shopper.

  2. Navigation Issues (Bites out of your apple)
    These could be dead-end pages, pages that a user might navigate to but aren’t quite finished yet, or category pages that don’t have any products on them either because they were legacy products or it’s a new product that’s not in your inventory. This could also be wrong-link situations, where a link takes the customer to the wrong page. There could also be too many pages or category pages between the page the user landed on and their destination/product page. Basically, this issue just requires a little spring cleaning on your part. Revisit your site’s navigation by trying it out for yourself and see if there is anything you might get annoyed by if you were a shopper.
  3. Load-time Issues (Worms in your apple)
    During your navigation issue search, maybe you noticed some pages that didn’t load quite as quickly as you might have liked. Look into consolidating your commonly-used CSS or Javascript files into one CSS file and one JS file for your page, and see what else you can do to optimize your page load times.
  4. Over-recurring Checkout Errors (Bugs)
    Look at your analytics on your checkout pages and see if you have error-tracking set up. If you find that way too many people are receiving errors like “you didn’t provide your mailing address,” it could mean that these fields are below the fold on your shipping and billing pages. This might require you moving some elements around on pages like that. Alternatively, perform a checkout on your own site and see for yourself. One major issue could be an SSL Certificate Error on an “Https” page. Definitely squash that bug if you find it.
  5. Javascript Errors (Half-eaten with Bugs)
    And the coup-de-grace of all bugs are Javascript Errors. Check your site in all of the major browsers to ensure that none of your visitors are receiving popups about javascript errors. Javascript Errors are a big red flag to your shoppers that your site may be unstable. And who wants to share their credit card information on an unstable site?
  6. So are you sure that you’re not giving out an “Error a day” and “Keeping your Shoppers Away”? Lets Recap:

      Don’t let your site be a flawed mess with blemishes or bugs.Get your site up to speed to be as flawless as possible in your shopper’s eyes. Its your best chance at being regarded as a top-notch site and gaining your shopper’s trust and respect.

    1. Aesthetic CSS Issues – Check your site for dents and blemishes. Don’t have silly CSS issues that force shoppers to question your site’s integrity.
    2. Navigation & Load-time Issues – Surf your site a bit to find out if your site has any Navigation or Load-time issues. Dead-end pages or really long load times can be crippling to your shopper’s experience.
    3. Over-recurring Checkout Errors – Perform a trial checkout on your site every once in a while to make sure people aren’t prone to receiving too many shipping or checkout related errors. Also make sure all of your SSL certificates are up to date on your HTTPS secure pages.
    4. JS Errors – And definitely nail down any and all javascript errors on your site. Javascript Errors are a big red flag to your shoppers that your site may be unstable.

    And if you don’t have the time or effort to put into all of this “bug checking”, let us do it for you! We can comb your site and pick out all of the major outlying issues. We then repair them with specific tests for your site and procure and analyze the change’s overall effect, and then present you with the winning change for your site.

    We call this service “Conversion Booster” – an Exclusive Concepts full-service testing option. We do the work for you by gathering your analytics and determining the best changes for your site to maximize conversion rate. Then, we test those changes in an AB or Multivariate test and present you with the winning combinations! It’s that simple. Give us a call at 1-800-504-4324 if you’re interested in learning more.

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