Conversion Wednesday – 3 Things to Keep in Mind While Testing

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Welcome to Your Daily Concept – Get Smarter Every Day. Today, is Conversion Wednesday.

My name is Chris C., and today I’ll be reminding you of three things to keep in mind while testing your website.

The big things to keep in mind while testing are:

  • Your future website vision
  • Everything is constantly shifting
  • Throw out assumptions

Lets get into what each one of these mean.

The first is: Have a future website vision.

Know where you are and where you want to be. Use testing as steps towards where you want to go.

For example, if you know your site works great for methodical shoppers but you want to open up your funnel and appeal to a broader customer base, design a few tests to improve a spontaneous shopper’s experience.

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Next, remember that everything is constantly shifting online

The web moves so fast and we constantly need to keep up! It’s important to understand that your vision will change and that it’s a good thing.

Your website and the reasons for visitors arriving on your website are constantly changing. Try not to view your testing as a way to create standards for marketing, design, or copy on your website. Instead, view it as a constantly changing entity. Remember, this is a long term process and reinforces why having a future vision is so important.

Every website is unique. Yes, even yours! This why we test. If there was one, universal formula for a website, everyone’s sites would look the same…

Which leads us to: throwing out assumptions.

When designing a test, don’t assume that an idea won’t work. Just because what is being proposed in the test isn’t an industry standard doesn’t mean it won’t perform better. Sometimes the changes that have the best impact on your website can seem counter intuitive.

During testing, don’t get frustrated if your assumptions are wrong. Even if a test doesn’t deliver desired results. The tests that don’t perform the way we expect them to frequently tell you something new about your users. Apply what you have learned to your vision for your website. Tests that don’t get desired results help you understand more about your business and can make your future website vision even better!

Every site is unique, so trust your users! They are the ones using your unique site, which makes them all unique as well.

So, while testing, keep in mind:

  • Your future website vision
  • Everything is constantly
  • Throw out assumptions

No matter what your testing results tell you, remember tha tyour users determined the results. The whole point in testing is to understand more about your customers. If they are telling you that something is working, you should trust them.

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Thank you for your responses and have a great conversion Wednesday!