Conversion Wednesday – 10 Things Shoppers Hate About You

By Dan G


So now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way. Today we’re listing off the “10 Things Shoppers Hate About You” and by “You” I mean ecommerce site’s in general of course. (And I hope this is not you.) But without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 Shoppers Hate Typos! – That’s right, they HATE typos! Any spelling mistakes, missing punctuation, or places on your site that look like they were thrown together quickly without being given a 2nd thought, generally causes your shopper’s react the same way about your site and not give it a 2nd look. To them, it is perceived as a lack of care and a lack of a professional staff taking care of your website; and i’m sure many of those folks figure that if this is any resemblence of the amount of care you put into your site, how much care can they expect to get from you?

#2 Shoppers Hate Badly Designed Sites! – Look at the two screenshots of different purse sites here and tell me which site you would more likely buy from based solely on the graphic design of their homepages. The answer undoubtedly will be “Site 2” hands down! The design of a site figures greatly into gaining appeal, trust, and overall interest by most if not all shoppers.

#3 Shoppers HATE having no way to search on your site! Especially if they are trying to find a specific product. Being able to search can be the defining moment for shoppers who are trying to find one thing and don’t have time to click around on your site endlessly to find it.

#4 Shoppers HATE having no way to filter on your site too! If they can’t order products on your category pages by price, ratings, or alphabetically it greatly increases their frustration when browsing your site and having to endlessly browse through pages upon pages of product grids or thumbnails. You should want to make finding products on your site as easy as possible.

#5 Shoppers HATE searching for buried customer service numbers! If you have a customer service number for your site make sure you display it proudly! Don’t bury it beneath pages upon pages of FAQ’s or About-Us pages! Customers looking for it aren’t thrilled because you’re making them work extra harder to complete their sale and customers who give up, give up on your site entirely. Hiding or burying your customer service number shows shoppers a lack of professionalism which translates into a lack of trust, and it also tells them that you can’t possibly want their business all too badly.

#6 Shoppers HATE sites with no contact information! Similar to the issue mentioned above, if they can’t call your company with questions about a product or order over the phone how many brownie points does that give you? Either you put them into a position where they end up weighing the option of doing business with your site without a contact number at all or they just give up on your site entirely and move on to trying a competitor’s website.

#7 Shoppers Hate Required Logins to checkout! If your site requires a shopper to keep all of their personal information in your database and every shopper is not a recurring customer, what benefit is it to them to create a login just to purchase something on your website? You effectively are turning away shoppers who don’t want to share that information on their first purchase and don’t want to have to jump through hoops just to make a simple purchase.

#8 Shoppers Hate being bombarded with too many *required input fields! A similar reaction occurs if a shopper is overwhelmed with too many “REQUIRED” input fields to make a purchase on your website. Try to make your checkout process as streamlined and as easy-to-get-through as possible for first time shoppers on your site. Then make the login and additional input fields optional for recurring customers.

#9 Shoppers Hate Seeing Too Much Text on a website! If your site has too much description and not enough product placement your shoppers might have the misconstrued notion that you’re selling product descriptions instead of the product themselves! Make sure your products are placed front and center as much as possible on your website! Don’t let your products get stuck below the fold.

#10 Shoppers Hate Having a Lack of Payment Options! If a shopper can’t pay with their preferred method of payment they’ll think twice about finishing their purchase with you. Don’t even give them that chance for a 2nd thought!

So there you have it. Those are the 10 things shoppers hate about you! Did your site fall into any of those 10 categories of improvement? Are you starting to consider some changes to your site now? Are you curious what the usage analytics are on your site regarding these 10 issues? If you don’t have the time or effort to put into researching or making changes to rectify these issues on your site. Consider asking us for a free audit to help you out! We can comb your site and pick out all of the major outlying issues. And then offer to repair them with specific tests for your site, and then procure and analyze the change’s overall effect, and present you with the winning changes. It’s that easy!