Conversion Values in Adwords – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


Hello and welcome to Your Daily Concept, Get Smarter Everyday. Today is PPC Tuesday.

Today’s date is Tuesday, June 29th and our topic today is going to explore Conversion Values in AdWords. My name is Kevin and I will be your guide for today. Let’s get started shall we?

At Exclusive Concepts we are always looking for ways to advance our methodology by vetting any new tool or functionality that we can get our hands on. We pride ourselves on managing our PPC clients with one underlying goal. A positive return on ad spend. We have achieved this by refining our management methodology and modifying Google’s AdWords code to pull in actual sales values into our reporting.

Up until now the information was available only through the reporting tab of the user interface. In Google’s effort to meet the growing needs of e-commerce advertisers Google has now included the Conversion Values as columns in the UI. Why is this worth talking about? Well now AdWords advertisers are able to view the sales generated by AdWords down to the keyword level without running reports. This allows for quicker decisions and reacting to performance in real time.

In just a few easy steps you can have this depth of reporting visible in your account and begin to paint the complete picture of where your ad spend is going and where you are getting your return. This will allow you to maximize your investment and garner a better return on ad spend.

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In order to set up your columns you will need to sign into your account and head over to the Campaign tab. From there you will want to select the Columns tab located directly above the performance graph within the campaign view. Once you have opened the column window you will now notice the new option listed under the Conversion section. The new options available are Total Conversion Value, Value per Conversion for One per Click Conversions, and Value per Conversion for Many per Click Conversions.

Once you have selected the new columns that you wish to include be sure to hit the save button. Now you will notice that the last column on the left will be the Value columns. For our e-commerce clients, this value captured is defined as the sales values generated as a direct result of their AdWords campaigns. By repeating these steps at the Ad Group level, the Keyword level, and even at the Ad Copy you can drill down in detail to see exactly what is generating the most revenue in all of your campaigns.

While this information was available within the reports tab the true benefit is now having this data readily available in the User Interface where it can be put into action. You are now able to sort your account by the actual sales value generated by your campaigns. This gives you the ability to quickly adjust budgets and bids as the performance dictates. Keep in mind that while it is great to see what’s working and building on that success it is just as important to use this information to identify problem areas. By using the conversion value as a performance metric you can quickly adjust your allocation of budget to maximize your investment.

At Exclusive Concepts we applaud Google for meeting the needs of their e-commerce advertisers. More and more e-commerce owners are using Paid Search to drive qualified traffic to their site and fuel sales. This new addition to the interface allows us to gain the insight needed to grow our accounts the right way, a profitable way.

That’s going to wrap up today’s Daily Concept. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are interested in learning more about our Profitable PPC service please feel free to contact us at 1-800-504-4324. Be sure to request your free audit when you call!

Have a great week and a Happy Fourth of July!