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By Scott

Ever have a terrible experience with a company? I know I have. Just last month I had a nightmarish ordeal with Circuit City of Eatontown, NJ. I had Sirius Satellite Radio installed in my car (which I absolutely love… so much so that I own a few shares of their stock), but Circuit City botched the installation which resulted in a LOT of water damage. Eventually their insurance company agreed to pay for the damage, but it was a frustrating experience to say the least. The management of the store handled the whole situation terribly, and the installation manager even refused to refund the installation costs!

Well, if you’re like me, you’ve been longing for a way to hold these corporations accountable for not meeting your expectations.

In comes Gawker’s blog for disgruntled customers called The Consumerist.

As Steve Rubel says in Micro Persuasion, “Every retailer in America should be reading this blog.??

Customers will now have a big soap box to stand on to hold companies accountable for poor treatment, and poor customer service. Once again, the Internet is being used to make the marketplace more effecient.

Here’s the link to The Consumerist

And P.S., I still love Circuit City, i’m just not crazy about how the managers of their Eatontown, NJ store handled this.
P.P.S. How about some credit for working in my own personal rant without going off topic?

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Read more for updates on the Circuit City customer service ordeal by clicking the link below…

December, 08 – 2005: I spoke to Paul, the fellow who denied the refund, along with John from customer service. Paul confirmed that Circuit City stands by their work, and even though the installation was faulty, and caused substantial damage, the work was in fact completed… and accordingly, no refund was warranted. The customer service rep said this was not the level of service that a customer should expect, but Paul denied the request anyway.
December, 08 – 2005 – Later that night: I was transferred to the Circuit City corporate office. They informed me that the customer service rep I spoke to previously had not taken any notes to document the case. I took the time to explain my case to this latest rep, who gave me a number to track the case. She then transferred me after promising me that she was sending me to someone with the authority to issue a refund.
December, 08 – 2005 – Later that night (2): I was transferred to another person in the corporate office who said that 1) he did not have authority to issue a refund, 2) that I had been transferred to the wrong department, and 3) that the last rep did not save any notes… again!
Final Update): Several days after my last blog post I heard from Circuit City’s district manager, who assured me that I was in the right. He apologized for the unprofessional manner it which I was treated, gave me a refund, and upon my request agreed to have another Circuit City location reinstall the radio. The second installation seems to have gone flawlessly.