Click-to-Call Enhancements for Mobile Ads – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


Google AdWords has been letting advertisers know of an important update to Mobile PPC ads and phone numbers within these ads.

Previously, if an advertisers included a phone number within the ad copy it was not automatically clickable for the phone user to click to call the advertiser. Google has stated that this can be a frustrating experience for mobile users who are attempting to engage with the advertiser to find out more information. This enhancement Google is now making any and all phone numbers within the text ad copy clickable for the mobile users.

This functionality already existed if advertisers had previously utilized the Call Extensions feature for their text ads. Call extensions provide advertisers with an additional line solely for their business’s phone number.

It is important to note that like Call Extensions there is now an added cost to your text ads that include a Click-to-Call phone number. Google charges advertisers for every received call through the Call Extension function and this will be applied to this new mobile Click-to-Call enhancement.

So now advertisers that have phone numbers in their ad copy have two choices.

First, you can simply leave your ads as is and this new Click-to-Call enhancement will be applied to your mobile ads. Users will now have the option of clicking on your headline or clicking the number to call your store directly. It’s worth noting that Google does not allow advertisers to place their phone number within the mobile ad’s headline.

The second option is to remove your phone number from the ad text and enable Call Extensions for your mobile campaign. This allows you to add an additional line for phone number as well as giving you back more of the valuable real estate that is your text ad description lines. Now that the phone number is removed you can try and entice the user to come to your site by adding more of your value adds that separates you from the competition.

Exclusive Concepts recommends that you follow the second option if you wish to keep your number visible within mobile text ads. This option allows you to still have your phone number within your mobile ad but now it’s on a separate line within the ad thus allowing you to rework your ad copy to focus on the desired action, generating a sale.

At the end of the day, you will need to test this new enhancement to see if this is worth the additional cost to your business. If you are a local business advertising within AdWords this can be a great tool for new business. Call Extensions and Click to Call ads are also useful for business owners that sell high end products that require consumers to speak with someone to ensure that they are making the right purchase.

People are utilizing their smart phones more and more while shopping in brick and mortar storefronts and this enhancement touched upon this fact. Even I often check my phone when in a store to ensure that I am getting the best price available for the item I am looking to purchase.

Google AdWords provides you the ability to measure your results within the AdWords interface. If you choose to keep your ads as is and include your number in the ad copy you can utilize the Segment drop down within your campaign and select the Click-Type option.

If you do end up utilizing the Call Extension feature than you are able to view the performance metrics by selecting the Ad Extensions tab within the AdWords UI. Once there you will want to select from the View drop down your Call Extensions view.

Once you have let your mobile ads run with either the new Click-to-Call enhancement or the Call Extension feature enabled you will be able to analyze the performance data and determine whether or not you feel that it is a good fit for your business.