Christmas in July? – Conversion Wednesday

By Dan G

Christmas in July? Is it time to start strategizing those Holiday Plans?

Planning for Christmas in July?

That’s right, It might be last thing on your mind right now, but today is July 25th! Which means Christmas is officially less than 5 months away! And its never too early to start strategizing your website’s holiday plans for the next season. Here are 5 tips to help get you started.

1) Deck the Halls

When the season rolls around it will be time to give your site a consistent holiday theme to keep shoppers in that “gift shopping” mode. You could try using a bright red & green theme to bring in that holiday cheer. Just make sure that it doesn’t blend-in with the most prominent parts of your site (like add-to-cart buttons & search buttons; You will still want those areas to stand out). Or you might try using a more subtle winter theme with shades of blue, white, or silver as your background colors so that your “add-to-cart” buttons don’t get lost in a sea of red and green. You could also try displaying your most popular seasonal products in these themed areas on your site more prominently, to make finding your best-selling items that much easier for the customer.

2) Plan Holiday Promotions

As for “planning your holiday promotions”, consider adding some discounts, free gifts, or whatever promotion you can think of to help close those holiday deals. “Free Shipping”, “Free Bonus Gifts”, and “Future Shopping Discounts” are always sure to please the holiday crowd.

3) Make it Easier to Purchase

Our 3rd tip is to, “Make Items Easier to Purchase” by cutting out any unnecessary steps or jargon you may currently have in your shopping experience. Holiday shoppers, nowadays expect a simpler, richer and easier shopping experience more than ever before. This includes embedding rich content such as videos, bulleted product information, and providing better search results and navigation. Whether your shoppers are on a computer, a phone, or even an iPad, consumers expect a detail-rich shopping experience.

Make it easier for shoppers by offering a minimal amount of key information above-the-fold on your product pages. Consumers will more-likely have less patience than ever for text-heavy pages or a difficult-to-navigate purchase path. Remember that less is more. Put the key information upfront, and simplify or remove anything that doesn’t help a customer buy. Focus on making the purchase-process as easy as possible, whether the shopper is on a product page, a category page, or in checkout and be sure to remove any unnecessary steps.

4) Personalize the Shopper’s Experience

When it comes to “Personalizing the Shopper’s Experience” nothing beats the glow of finding the perfect gift within their budget range. Identifying the recipient who will love your product as a gift–(this could mean his or her surroundings, needs, or anything else relevant); Whether it’s a description like ‘keep your dog cozy-warm with the doggie-coat’ or ‘any professional chef would be ecstatic to receive this pan set,’ the value proposition that extends to the giver has never been more important. Again, you could use videos, to show the product in use by the intended recipient envisioned in the copy. But be careful, product videos are often over-scripted and too long. So keep the product videos short & sweet and to the point, but leave the shopper curious to see the gift in person.

5) Plan for you Shipping Cut-Off Dates

Do you know what your Shipping Cut-off Dates are? You need to calculate all of your Shipping Cut-off Dates so you can highlight or have a shipping page that details clear ordering cut-off dates for each of your shipping methods before each of the major holiday days. You might also want to indicate any products that require special shipping considerations. And remember, if your holiday season isn’t in the traditional November-December dates then don’t forget to articulate those cut-off dates in that non-traditional season as well (like Black-Friday for instance).

I hope these tips have helped kick off your holiday planning early this year. Thanks for Reading!