Choice Words for Budget and its Blog Treasure Hunt

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Speaking as a single customer, Elizabeth Rodriguez has a few choice words for Budget and its Up Your Budget blog campaign I wrote about here.

I have a time budget. I’ve no time for contests. Yet give out $160,000 to the most disruptive ideas – from employees or customers – who cares where the best ideas come from? – and I’d been intrigued to participate in investing in my own future customer experience. Why not incent us to come up with reasons so that a mere $3/day or $5/day or $15/day difference won’t make us fickle? (You know you’re a commodity when I have to look for the rental agreement jacket to remember which agency to return the car to at the airport.)…..

It’s self-evident that I like, trust and read blogs, but I ain’t changing my rental car buying behavior one iota. Next time I’m going right back to the comparison engine, 100% blog campaign or no. Ah… but give me a remarkable distinguishable service and experience, and then you’re conversing.

Thanks for listening!

Now, I love blogs as you know, but a great customer experience beats all. Blogs are best used to converse with and learn from customers. Blogs really are, as Evelyn suggests, a long-term learning model, not a substitute for a good customer experience.