Call Metrics Dimensions Data – PPC Tuesday



Today we’re going to review how to get the most information out of your Phone Extensions and Call Metrics data. If you have set up phone extensions for your campaigns, now potential customers are able to call you directly from a phone number that is added on to your PPC ads. This is a great development that allows an additional way for customers to contact you without sacrificing the limited characters you’re able to use in your PPC ads.

Recently Google announced that they will begin charging for Phone Extension phone calls. For each phone call received, Google will charge one dollar. As we move forward with these ads, eventually Google plans to set up a bidding system which will allow users to bid up for phone calls.

As we began testing phone extension ads, additional reporting has begun to be available. Initially, once a phone extension was enabled, we were just able to see the phone extension data included in the Ad Extensions tab. This included the campaign the extension was attached to, the clicks, impressions, click through rate, cost per click, and total cost. This wasn’t much more than the general ad data that we can get from the campaign level view.

Shortly after phone extensions were released to the general AdWords community, Call Metrics data was released. This allows us to see a more in depth picture of the effectiveness of having Phone Extensions enabled.

To view the Call Metrics Data, go to the campaign level view, and select a date range. From there, go to the “Columns” menu and select all the items on the “Call Metrics” menu. This menu is not enabled for every user and every campaign. If you are using Phone Extensions and cannot access the “Call Metrics” data, you can call your Google representative or contact Google customer support and if it is available for your account, you can ask for Call metrics data to be added.

Call Metrics data gives data on the number of calls received per campaign, the number of calls received versus the number of calls missed, and the overall call duration as well as the average call duration.

Recently, even more robust call tracking information has been released in the Dimensions tab. If you have Phone Extensions and Call Metrics enabled and you’d like to see additional information about the calls that are being placed from your PPC ads, go to the campaign level in AdWords, select the far right drop down arrow from the secondary tab menu, and select the “Dimensions” option. This will add the Dimensions Tab to your secondary tab menu.

Select a time frame that you’d like to see data for, and then in the “view” drop down, select the “Call Metrics Calls” option. This will bring up your detailed call log from phone extensions. This is data that can be reconciled with call center data and actually allows you to cross reference your calls from PPC with your phone sales and see if your PPC calls are contributing to your overall revenue.

Dimensions Call Data allows you to see the time each call started, when the call ended, the actual duration of each call in seconds, and the area code of the caller.

We’ve found this data to be very helpful in determining if the calls placed through PPC are contributing to sales, and also, where the callers are coming from most often. The area code information has been very valuable to help us learn markets where we have interested consumers, and has guided us to create new geotargeting campaigns.