Call list Dead…The best leads could be right in front of you.

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Have you discovered that there are times when your call list seems dead? Of course there are slow times, but your calling list doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you import your list or build them manually I have discovered a way to spice up your cold calling routine.

This past weekend I took a small road trip exploring the back roads of New England. As expected the landscapes were amazing but I also noticed something quite interesting. Businesses are branding themselves everywhere. Office parks pop up out of no where and every mile of road is sponsored by local organizations. My point is that observing your environment can help you build your prospect/call list.

If your sales team is in a rut, call on companies or things that are in your everyday travels. I drove through the center of a quaint town and realized that many of these businesses are untouched by marketers because they reside outside of traditional marketing efforts. Move away from traditionalism and build unconventional list.

Your familiarity with the list will make calling on these businesses less stressful and your pitch will go over much better. Consider it your list for a rainy day. Build and work the list and you will find that your resourcefulness pays off.

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