Calendars: They Aren’t Just for Deadlines Anymore – WildCard Friday

By Advanced SEO Team

How can you use calendars to engage your customers? Here’s How!

Calendars: They Aren’t Just for Deadlines Anymore

Besides the obvious reasons of deadlines, time management, and, everyone’s favorite – vacation days, calendars can be a great way to connect with your customers. Below I’ve shared a few of my favorite uses of a calendar for customer engagement. Feel free to share any of your own favorites in the comments below!

Madewell Email

Most people have some sort of connection to every month, whether it is because of a holiday, birthday or anniversary, or a vacation coming up. Having interesting facts for the month of July is a fun way to get the reader to look through the entire email, where you can then highlight a few products for them to browse.

Ruche Blog

If you’ve been living in a hole, you may not have realized the number of Pinterest boards coming up in Google SERPs. That’s not to say that for every query there is a Pinterest board, but it is something I’ve started to take note of and look to leverage.

Ruche held this awesome contest in May, encouraging their customers to Pin something every day and submit their boards at the end of the month for a $10 coupon. The fact that they were able to think of a way to keep customers engaged for a FULL MONTH I think is awesome – 1,850 customers, to be exact (by my Google search calculations). I also love that they really only had 2 self-promoting Pins required, making the activity fun and easy for all Pinterest addicts to partake in.

The theme I’ve seen in any calendar promotion I’ve come across is that it’s not completely self-serving for the company. Have fun with them to reflect your brand and not suffocate your followers/subscribers that they need to buy stuff from you.

Have a great weekend & happy Friday the 13th!