Businesses noting how well wikis work

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

More on? efforts to help Katrina refugees using distributed technology.

Businesses, large and small, can see what wikis can do in a short time to connect people and projects.? How soon until wikis become an essential part of the way people do business.

A wiki on Think New Orleans, thinknola, with stories and pet rescues started by Alan Gutierrez.

You can be a People Finder Volunteer and help out for an hour or two here and help clean up databases so families and friends can find each other.

Or you can go to the Katrini Help Wiki and volunteer essential goods and services, housing, counseling, jobs, transportation and more.

The last two were set up by people from Worldchanging.

People who are interested in Recovery 2.0 and the “War on Error” can meet? in San Francisco on October 6 or view the Recovery 2.0 wiki here.

An amazing list of? the web relief projects already underway.

Wikipedia Traffic Booms to New York Times Traffic Levels.

First, Wikipedia is not an online brand, but a publishing phenomenon where users provide the content. It’s become a trusted (or at least well-known) source of information and is also an expression of several of the Internet’s primary characteristics (and, arguably, virtues)—decentralization, openness, collaboration.

The fact that Wikipedia may soon overtake the NY Times also speaks to something we’ve been saying for awhile—news has become a commodity online.

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