Bulleted Lists – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.


Let’s jump right in: why focus on bullet points?

Having bulleted lists of product details can be very helpful when used correctly. These bulleted lists on product pages can:

  1. Visually command attention from the eye by breaking up normal page flow. This is a tactic used a lot by blog or magazine-type websites to make a few key items stand out.
  2. Define the most important product values. What are the main reasons why they should buy this product? Examples might be: 100% cotton, fully adjustable, long motor lift, high performance, sizes (3 ½” x 3 ½ “), and so on. This is also where you get to show the customer that you know what is important to them while making a decision.
  3. Quickly explains the product. What makes this product different from another on the site. If the customer is comparison shopping, these bullets should help your customer make a decision on which item to buy.

Here are a few general guidelines for bulleted lists on product pages:

  • Keep these between 3-5 items in length. Anything longer will loose the effect and reading will become laborious. Less than three can make the product seem unappealing.
  • Only list the most important details. If you find that there are 10 items you want to include, narrow it down to the top 3-5 and set up a table to display the rest in an easy to read format.
  • Place these 3-5, most-important details above your Add-to-Cart or Buy buttons. Putting the short bulleted list of product information above the ATC button tells the customer what the product is before you ask them to buy it.
  • Reinforce your bulleted lists with the product description. For customers who want more information, they will scroll down and read it when they have questions. You can go into detail about these bullet points further down on the page to reinforce their message and continue the shopping scent trail.

To recap:

  • Bulleted lists call attention to the most important reasons to buy a particular product.
  • They help your customers make decisions when comparison shopping.
  • They help show your customers the value they receive when purchasing a particular product from you.

While bulleted lists used in this manner on product pages has been helpful for a number of clients, I always advocate testing to make sure. Each site is different and each site’s customers are different as well.