Bring Down IE6

By Herb

Anybody involved in web development can tell you, IE 6 is the bane of our existence. As the grass roots effort to phase out IE 6, says, “Internet Explorer 6 is antiquated, doesn’t support key web standards, and should be phased out.” I estimate that a good 10% of our development resource is wasted trying to make web pages that display properly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even IE 7, work in IE 6.

Unfortunately we can’t just refuse to support IE 6. We recently did an analysis of browser usage for a number of our ecommerce clients. 30% of their customers are using IE 6 (or older) versions. With that many customers still using this obsolete browser we are obligated to make our clients’ sites work on IE 6. Arghhhh.

What we need is a concerted, grass roots effort to inform these users about the benefits of upgrading, but it will probably take the support of major service providers, like Google, to force the issue. Please join the effort to “bring down IE 6.”