Brand Blogs

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Now that consumers are taking control of their own information, some blog to boost brands of companies and don’t get paid at all. They’re called customer evangelists and most companies are glad to have them. The New York Times writes about some of them in Brand Blogs.

Michael Marx loves Barq’s root beer and writes all about it at the barqsman.

Don’t you think company officials, even employees, at Trader Joe’s should be reading Tracking Trader Joes? Or Darren Rovell’s Gatorade blog, First in thirst. Or Starbucks gossip by Jim Romensko.

The most famous is treonauts, started by Andrew Carton who was just crazy about the new Treo and wanted to start a product guide about it and ended up coining a new word, “bloguide.” I know that’s where I’m going to go when I’m in the market.

Netflix VP Ken Ross says, “It allows us to keep our pulse on the marketplace.” You can be sure he’s reading hackingnetflix every day.