Boosting SEO Through Email – Email Thursday

By Nik
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Your SEO deserves support from all channels – here’s how email can help!

With all the changes that Google pushes through it’s algorithm updates, your needs are consistently changing as well. Today, Google judges the quality of a site’s content through many factors, including analyzing a site page by page for its quality of content. It also looks for signals that you have very high quality, unique experiences that make people in your market get excited. Today, we’ll discuss how to use your email marketing program as a jumping board for that type of SEO activity.

SEO Targets

Start with defining the most difficult goal to achieve within your SEO program – natural backlinks. Our goal here with email is to attain a significant volume of backlinks that come from key locations: social sites and blogs. To achieve this vast set of objectives, we focus our energy on the targets that will create a snowball effect for your efforts.

There are 3 main groups that can create the most momentum for your SEO efforts:

  1. Social Influencers: These are folks that get a lot of attention in your marketplace. When they tweet, your market chirps back. Some of them may already be in our email mailing list.
  2. Bloggers that Know You: These are bloggers that happen to be in your reach: they bought from you, signed up to a newsletter or have asked you to keep in touch.
  3. Institutional Influencers: These individuals are hard to weed out, but they belong to a group and also have influence over that group: a buyer at a corporation, a president of a social club, etc.

By getting buy-in and attention from these SEO targets, they are all sure to create immediate and snowballing impact for your site. All of them hold the key to social and blog backlinks that are meaningful and natural.

Promotional Plan

So what are you going to do through email to get their attention? Here’s where the promotional plan comes in:

  1. Step 1: Create Asset – You need to create an asset on your site that can be put in front of your audience – we’ll focus on what those assets should be shortly.
  2. Step 2: Email Out with a Clear Click Path – You need to introduce your email list to this asset through a creative campaign that speaks directly to the engagement you aim to achieve. Make sure to create an easy click path for each of the steps you wish to achieve: “Tweet this to your followers”, “Grab a snippet for your blog”, “Send This to Others”. Large, prominent options can make a big different.
  3. Step 3: Stalk and Tag – Keep track of what individuals in your email database followed through on the activities you asked for – it’s as easy as checking your click map. Take it one step further and create new fields in your email database that you can populate manually to tag your “social influencers”, “bloggers” and “institutional influencers” based on their activity.
  4. Step 4: Follow Up On Activity – if you really want to see some magic happen, follow up when a person has shown you that they are interested in your content. Ask them if they’d like to do a joint project for example. Good relationships with influencers in your marketplace are going to be very hard to create and easy to destroy: take good care of those who pay attention to your brand.

Assets to Focus On

You probably have already started thinking of a ton of assets on your site that you believe can fuel your new approach to boosting SEO through email. If not, here are a few assets to focus on:

  1. Infographics: They’re easy to create if you follow simple steps: (1) Do some preliminary research on a topic that your audience would find interesting and that is deeply connected to your offerings, (2) Define the theme, (3) Create a 3-4 part story board of info that you’ll share about the topic, (4) Get the data you need for the infographic, and (5) Design according to your story board.
  2. Buyer’s Guides: Choose something that’s relevant, but try not to create something in your marketplace that has already been created a bunch of times. Do your research and make sure that you’re more comprehensive than anything out there – beat whatever benchmark currently exists. Add pictures, links and product suggestions to taste.
  3. Instructographics: Newer concept, but it makes sense. Create a graphic that shows, in a few stages, how to accomplish something that could change your life. The concept was created as a means to getting more traction with a female audience, especially through Pinterest.

We do all of these things for your clients and you should be doing them too. If you’re late to the game, give us a call at 888-540-7698 to get started on a better SEO and Email program through Exclusive Concepts.