Books, TV, and Politics Online

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Ready to start buying books from Amazon and Google page by page? Max Kalehoff thinks online libraries will mean that all books are created equal:

niche titles and authors would suddenly become discoverable and compete on an equal playing field with the more mass-market elite. Google Print and Google Library would not replace books, but enhance and democratize demand and access for more books. In other words, the big guys would no longer dominate the entire soap box, and the power structures would shift.

Advertising could create a rift between networks and TV stations when it comes to online broadcasting. Networks have been experimenting with re-broadcasting shows on websites but they haven’t yet sold advertising for these broadcasts. When the shows air on TV, the affiliate TV stations sell the ad space. If the networks start selling advertising, Wayne Friedman predicts that it will spark conflict with affiliate stations.

Supporters of the McCain-Feingold bill want to make the internet exempt from campaign finance laws (including contribution limits) and argue that bloggers who champion candidates are advertising and therefore contributing to campaigns financially. But the bill has been defeated, so maximum contribution limits still apply. And bloggers can still say what they want. Read more.