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What can the current presidential campaigns teach us about Email Marketing?

Romney and Obama: Lessons Your Email Can Learn from the Election

The elections are right around the corner, and Republican and Democrat campaigns are in full-swing.

Let’s take a look at how each of the major candidates are jockeying for votes, and apply those lessons to take your email marketing program to the next level.

After all, email marketing (at the base level) is an appeal to your customers to motivate them to take a particular action.

So momentarily place your political leanings aside as we take a look at the Romney and Obama campaigns.

The Romney Factor: Know Where Your Money Comes From

Even if you’re a diehard Obama supporter, you have to admire the ferocity with which Romney is running his campaign.

How can you adopt some of his tenacity?

For the most part, Romney is gathering his support from a highly targeted group. Much press has been devoted to Romney’s courtship of Wall Street to finance his campaign.

His campaign and rhetoric has largely reflected a narrow segment of the population – people who are dissatisfied from Obama’s economic policies.

Subsequently, he is positioning himself as a challenger of the status quo.

And finally, he is spending a considerable amount of time in front of the cameras to promote himself.

In a likewise fashion, you can enhance results from your email campaigns by knowing where your money comes from. Segment your subscribers and focus on the most loyal customers. Tailor your copy and content to speak to your loyalists first and foremost.

Use email to challenge the marketplace landscape – highlight your strengths that resonate with your target customers and differentiate yourself from the competition. Don’t tell your target customers that you are more of the same. Tell them that you are doing things better!

And finally, leverage email to raise your visibility in the marketplace. Engage in strategies to retain and grow your list of qualified, engaged subscribers.

The Obama Angle: It’s About Celebrity

Earlier this year, Hollywood celebrities George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker hosted separate fundraising events for Obama’s campaign. And Obama’s 2008 campaign for presidency was boosted by benefit concerts put on by renowned musicians such as Sheryl Crow and the Beastie Boys.

Although Obama benefits Main Street allure, a significant factor in Obama’s election efforts lies in his association with celebrity. After all, who does want to be lumped in with the star set?

Obama’s partnership with Hollywood can be applied to take your email program to the next level. Especially in business-to-consumer circles, brands are recognized as celebrities by customers. Even as you read this post, you are in the presence of celebrities – Apple, Dell, Sony, Staples.

Brands can be used to legitimize your email campaigns and substantiate your product offerings. Brands may also help improve recognition and retention of your campaign messages. From an aesthetic perspective, brand logos can add a welcome enhancement to the product descriptions and photos that you include in your campaigns.

One word of caution about including brands in your email campaigns. Don’t let product brands overshadow your own brand. After all, you are investing in email marketing to promote your company and brand – not the brand of products that you are distributing. An easy way to ensure that your brand won’t be overshadowed is to incorporate a strong header and footer for email campaigns that represent your brand.


Political campaigns are, in essence, marketing campaigns. Adopting strategies from political campaigns and applying them to your email campaigns may help increase Return on Investment and build your email program in a sustainable fashion.

Key applications from the Mitt Romney and Barack Obama campaigns include:

  • Segment your list – Find your most loyal customers in your subscriber base and skew the marketing message towards those groups.
  • Prove you can do better – Use email to communicate your distinctive strengths and to demonstrate how your business is better than your competitors.
  • Be visible – Leverage email to boost awareness and visibility of your brand and your product offerings.
  • Highlight brands – Feature well-known brands to enhance the appeal and legitimacy of your email campaigns.

I hope that this post has been helpful. Please email if you are interested in learning more about Optimized Email Marketing.

See you at the polls in November!