Official Google Case Study: Boatersland sets sail with Exclusive Concepts and Google AdWords

TOPICSGoogle, Paid Search, Product Ads

Boatersland is a leading online retailer of boating equipment and marine electronics based in Solon, OH. Established in 2003, Boatersland has traditionally used Google AdWords to drive website traffic and sales revenue.

Rapid growth of the business led Boatersland founder, John Matejovich, to team up with Exclusive Concepts, a Google Certified Partner.

Exclusive Concepts expanded Boaterslands’ AdWords program into Product Listing Ads, which featured richer product information such as price, product image, and merchant name.

Despite an inventory of over 30,000 products, Exclusive Concepts was able to scale Product Listing Ads to optimize inventory and segment ads based on product type.

The result? The inclusion of Product Listing Ads pushed Boatersland’s revenue and transactions to the highest levels in four years. Site revenue increased 30% and transactions grew by 52%. Best of all, Product Listing Ads provided an efficient cost-per-transaction to generate a strong Return on Ad Spend for Boatersland.

Download the case study to learn more about how Boatersland harnessed the power of Product Listing Ads