BMW Banned By Google for Spammy SEO Tactics

By Scott

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to know that using doorway pages can get you banned from Google.

As Google has stated time and again, you can enhance your rankings by adding more value to searchers. But you can jeopardize your rankings, and even get banned, when you leverage junky content and spammy search engine optimization techniques purely for the purpose of increasing your rankings.

In comes BMW Germany!

The outer-court blog reports:

From what it looks like, the German websites of car maker BMW have been kicked out of the Google index. at this time has a PageRank of 0. A search for BMW Germany, which only days ago yielded as a top result, now doesn’t show any sign of at all. Instead, – BMW’s international site – is on top for this search.

This link gives screen shots that fully describe what they did (with screen shots).

Essentially, when you visited a specific page on the website, you were presented a stylish design. When you disabled javascript, however, a different page was revealed with junky, spammy text.

In response, Google Banned BMW. For now, they’re posting an “I’m sorry?? page (clipped from outer-court):

For more reading on doorway pages, and my proposed alternative, click here for an article I wrote last year.

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