Blogs Are Changing Everything

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

I truly believe that blogs are changing everything.? The blogosphere as a whole is distributing information in a revolutionary way that we are just beginning to understand.? The self-publishing technology that is embedded in every blogging software will likely have the same world-changing effect that Guttenberg’s first moveable type did.

Hello.? My name is Jill Fallon and I’m going to be a new contributor here to the Online Marketing blog.? While I’ve had a varied career in law, politics, government and business, it’s blogs of all sorts that have fascinated me since 2001 – political blogs, art blogs, family blogs, personal blogs and business blogs.

Fortune magazine called Blogs the #1 technology trend of 2004 and “a force business can’t afford to ignore.?? BusinessWeek in its cover story said, “Blogs will change your Business.?? The Harvard Business Review said blogs were a breatkthrough idea in grassroots marketing.? And the Wall St. Journal said, “the blog as business tool has arrived.??

I’ll be introducing you to businesses that already blog.? I’ll be sharing you tips on what works and doesn’t work.? I’ll be talking about blogs, RSS, podcasting and vlogs (video blogs).? Most of all, I’ll be writing about online marketing with blogs,? a subject I’m fascinated about.?

But I’m most interested in the conversations that are sparked by blogs and comments to posts.? We’re talking to each other now? not just passively accepting what’s delivered.? That’s what’s so great about blogs.? By using blogging techology, we are becoming more human in our dealings and creating new relationships online.? Our online world is becoming more intimate even as it expands to include more people and more types of people.? That’s exciting.? That’s what blogs can do.

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