Blogging for PR – The Evolution of Public Relations

By Scott

During my daily “predicting-the-future” session this morning with Robb, we spoke about how the world of PR would evolve to the point where “paid networkers?? lobby average blog authors to cover stories and promote products and services.

Yes, it seems an awful lot like spam, but it’s really Spam Plus…

Spam + Value.

The average email user gets spam trying to sell products, and this spam is highly undesirable. There is very little value to most spam.

For blog owners, however, the “news pitches?? by paid networkers actually have value. A blog owner is under constant pressure to find new and unique content to promote on their blog, and pitches from “paid networkers?? can be a great way to find that content.

This model of using “paid networkers?? is almost identical to how PR professionals pitch news stories to the editors of magazines, radio shows, and television shows. Reporters benefit from the institution that compels PR companies to pitch new stories to them on behalf of their clients, just as blog owners benefit from paid networkers pitching stories to them.

Some may call this a new marketing tactic, but to me it just represents the evolution of PR.

Serendipitously enough, we received a note from Aaron K. this morning representing Decide for yourself whether you consider this “Spam?? or “Spam Plus.??

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