Blogging for Katrina Relief and Businesses who are Pitching In

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Today is Blog for Katrina Relief Day.

A suggestion late Monday by Hugh Hewitt, a date set on Tuesday by Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit and organized by the Truth Laid Bear, there are 1041 blogs participating from 12 countries.

It’s the speed of the blogosphere.

My recommended charity is the American Red Cross.? Nobody does better or stays longer than the Red Cross.

I’ve written more about New Orleans and the Red Cross at my blog Business of Life, one of the 1041 participating blogs in Blog for Katrina Relief.

One business? that? using their online real estate and marketing expertise to help people on the Gulf Coast is Walmart.

Walmart who has set up a community crisis system that lets people post messages to loved ones.? Mike Krempasky reports via Instapundit

Basically – you can go into any store in the country, log onto any?walmart website – or even call a hotline 800 number and either post a?message to loved ones, or search for messages *from* loved ones.?Employees and customers, everyone can use it.

(This is available in any Wal-Mart Store, SAM’S CLUB, Neighborhood?Market, or Distribution Center via the hiring center kiosks,?connection center kiosks, gift registry, and all Wal-Mart websites.)



Another is Craigslist New Orleans which has offers of housing for Katrina refugees.

Chuck Simmins is tracking corporate donations.

If you are hesitating for even a moment to donate money, read this weblog from the New Orleans Times Picayune.

These are chilling, horrifying stories from people searching for help and for loved ones.? ?

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