Blog readership up 45%

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Red Herring reports that blog readership is up 45% in Q1.?

According to a comScore Media Matrix report, one-sixth of the US population reads weblogs or 50 million people.? Here’s a free link to the full report.

As far as advertisers are concerned, blog readers are a desirable demographic—young, wealthy, likely to shop online, and with high-speed Internet connections. They visit 77 percent more web pages than the average Internet user.


Most popular were political blogs followed by “hipster?? lifestyle blogs, tech blogs, and blogs written by women, comScore noted.

According to Jeff Jarvis, this is the first major study of the blogging audience.?

The study, cosponsored by SixApart and Gawker Media, used comScore’s consumer panel — that is, surveys with people instead of cookies and server stats — to find out who visits blogs at 400 domains (including big ones, such as LiveJournal, Blogger, and Typepad and others that get onto such lists as Technorati’s).

Other findings from the report.

• Five hosting services for blogs each had more than 5 million unique visitors in that period, and four individual blogs had more than 1 million visitors each.

• Blog visitors are 11 percent more likely than the average Internet user to have incomes of $75,000 or more.

• Blog visitors are 30 percent more likely than the average Internet user to live in households where the household head is 18 to 34 years old

• Blog readers visit nearly twice as many web pages as the average Internet reader and are far more likely to shop online.

Jarvis says, in Measuring Us,? “Youth, with wealth, is, to advertisers, a rare and desirable combination.”

This study shows that consumer-generated media draws an audience on a par with mainstream media.