Birth of Google +1 – Wildcard Friday

By Joe


This Week Google announced it will be Rolling out a new technology called the +1. The Google +1 is a plugin/button that websites will be given the ability to integrate into their site and it works much like a Facebook Like however instead of being tied into your facebook account, it is tied into your Google profile.

Clearly google has realized the power behind the Facebook Like button and I feel there are several reasons why Google they have developed this product.

For one, Google makes a TON of money through its ad revenue. Actually I would say this is where they make the majority of their income. And their success has lied in their ability to give targeted and relevant ads to its search engine users. This is done by tracking user behavior.

Now in the past Google has typically gathered information about its users through indirect and sometimes inaccurate ways. For example google can place a tracking cookie on your computer to track web search behavior, but what if there are multiple users of your household computer which comprise quite different demographics & search behavior. Then you can see how their data becomes a bit skewed.

Also, Google has been drawing heat due to these methods because some countries such as Germany feel that these methods are a violation of privacy. Which has led to a few trips to the court room for the Search Engine Giant.

So this is just one reason why it is a necessary step for google to move in this route as it tries to have users almost opt in to offer their user data.

The Power of social media in relation to marketing is undeniable. And this is because we are more apt to listen to our friends and colleagues when it comes to the web.

Think about this for a second: In which scenario would you be more open to a marketers ad?

A.When your friend posts a link on his facebook to an absolutely hilarious youtube video …which happens to be a car ad.


B. A random pop up while reading your favorite column on

If your answer was A, then you are probably in the majority.

So what does this mean for the future of SEO?

It will be interesting to follow the rollout of this technology. If it does take off, the tying in of Google +1’s to rankings is surely going to be a topic to study.

Also, Does the roll out of the plus one box mean that Google is taking off the gloves and going toe to toe with Facebook?

Only time will tell.