Big Kudos to Yahoo for Adding Moveable Type Blogs

By Scott

Although I was tempted, I decided that I couldn’t leave for the weekend before offering major kudos to Yahoo for integrating blog software within their standard web hosting package, and for selecting the Moveable Type platform.

We deal with a lot of Yahoo Store / Yahoo Merchant Solutions store owners. They come to us for marketing help because we specialize in this platform. Business blogs have become very important online marketing tactics, and since we launched our business blog service several weeks ago (in beta), the response from our Yahoo Merchant Solutions customers has been overwhelming.

The problem we faced was that the customer would have to have two separate websites… their main store, and the blog we develop and manage on their behalf.

Yahoo’s integration of Moveable Type software now completely eliminates this headache, and also saves our customers money. Since Yahoo Merchant Solutions integrates web hosting services, customers will not have to pay any extra to license the Moveable Type blog software, or to host it.

The address for their blog can be something like: instead of

As online marketing consultants to Yahoo Store owners, we could not have asked for anything more from Yahoo. That means a lot coming from us, because by no means do we hand out un-deserved compliments. Kudos to Six Apart as well, the creators of Movable Type.