Beta Test Opportunity for Magento and Big Commerce Stores…

By Herb

Do you operate your e-commerce store on either Magento or BigCommerce? If so, we’d love to speak with you.

Our hosted software, Conversions On Demand, has been a big hit with Yahoo! store merchants. So much so that we’ve received dozens of requests from merchants on platforms like Magento and Big Commerce to make our software available to them. Since our software integrates so tightly with an e-commerce cart, that has been impossible… until now.

Beta test it on your site… get perks…

We’re in our final round of beta testing to make Time2Buy, The Cart Closer, and Daily Deal Bar available on Magento (Magento Enterprise, Magento Community, and MagentoGO) and BigCommerce.

Interested? Email and we’ll tell you more. Beta testers receive free use of our software during the test period and a substantial discount for 12 months thereafter. You’ll also be in a position to advocate for particular features that are important to you.

Why Conversions On Demand?

Because it makes you more money! Our software has been tested and proven to increase conversions over many years, and has made hundreds of merchants millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

* Motivate unfocused shoppers as they browse your site using Time2Buy

* Display one last offer to shoppers when they try to abandon your cart with TheCartCloser

* Schedule and promote site-wide deals, anytime, anywhere, automatically with Daily Deal Bar

There’s no risk (pay only if it works) and setup is both free and extremely easy.

Limited Time Offer

The opportunity to be a beta tester for these Magento Add-Ons and Big Commerce Add-Ons will be available for a limited time only. If you’re interested email today.

Learn more about Conversions On Demand by going here.