Become a Google Scholar with Webmaster Academy – SEO Monday


Learn how to Become a Google Scholar with Google Webmaster Academy!

Webmaster Academy

The Webmaster Academy can be found by clicking here. Currently, there are three different sections. They are:

  1. Google & You: Understanding how to get Google to discover and comprehend your website
  2. Webmaster Tools: Learn to improve how Google crawls and indexes your site by understanding Webmaster Tools
  3. Businesses: Using other Google tools like Google+, Google Places, and creating Rich Snippets

Let’s start with the first section: Google & You.

How Google Works

Although it seems basic, just reading about how Google works can be a game changer in itself. SEO is important for visibility of your products and services. Without visibility, you aren’t earning your maximum sales. Failure to maximize your visibility correctly can result in wasted time and may even hurt your website traffic. With the Google & You section of Webmaster Academy, Google gives you some basic pointers on writing great content, creating images and videos, and explaining the basics behind some common (and legit) ways to get the word out there about your company and products. Easy to follow along videos are ideal for a visual behind the process.

Webmaster Tools

The second section focuses on Webmaster Tools. If Google can’t crawl your website or finds errors on your page, you can almost guarantee your rankings (and even sales) will suffer. Under the Webmaster Tools section, you can read about everything from adding your website to Webmaster Tools to monitoring and managing your site once it’s set up. Learn about common crawl errors and how to fix them to get your site back to being crawled. Again, many of these sections feature videos to easy follow along on how to get things done.

The “Businesses” Section

The third section focuses on your business and everything from where and how to create your company website to optimizing your site with reviews, contact information, and more. SEO rankings often improve with positive reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Places. By making sure your listings also include contact information and directions to your business, your potential customer won’t need to search far for what they’re looking for. Are you an online only retailer? Make your product content engaging and constantly fresh and unique. Remember, duplicated content often hurts websites when it comes to SEO. In addition, when viewers are searching for a product, they may read the same description on multiple websites. You can make yours stand out with unique content.

Another useful resource for learning about Webmaster Tools is their Resource Center. Once you learn the basics of Webmaster Tools, you can go further in depth and learn even more about how to optimize your site.