Avoiding Spammy Content – Email Thursday



So we all receive spam, it’s an inevitability at this point… a foregone conclusion. But as an email marketer, what can you do to make sure that your emails land in the inbox and not the SPAM or junk folder? Follow a few tips and you significantly decrease the chances of getting caught in a filter.

  1. Avoid using the a First Name in the subject line. Nothing says fraud like “Dear Jim, Is Carol OK?”
  2. Make sure you have a valid unsubscribe link and a physical address. If there is no CAN-SPAM required content, you’re gonna get caught.
  3. Make sure your text version matches your HTML version. High SPAM probability if your versions are different.
  4. Avoid SPAMMY words like “Free” “Deal” “Attention” “Hurry” and other such catchy and timely words. Yes, these words very well may be valid for the message or promotion you are looking to convey, but very aggressive filters can see these words in a subject line and they need no other reasons to put you into junk. You’re done.

Follow these and other basic best practices and you should be just fine when it comes to avoiding aggressive spam filters and getting your message to the inbox.