Are directories good online marketing venues?

By Herb

Question: Will listing with Yahoo directory (or directories in general)enhance my online marketing?

Answer: I see very little value in a Yahoo Directory listing on its own, but by being listed in the directory, you may enhance your organic placements. Yahoo will not explicitly promise better organic rankings simply because you pay their $299 listing fee but from my experience the search engines do spider the directory sites (such as Yahoo Directory and DMOZ). The directories have extra credibility because humans edit and approve the listings that appear. They put faith in the fact that human editors evaluate, approve, and sometimes write the description that accompanies a site’s listing in those directories. That promises a degree of relevance that can give you a leg-up in the organic listings.

Before submitting to a directory do a keyword analyses of your most coveted search terms (i.e. the number of searches they generate, their relevance to your website, and their level of attainability) and then use the results to create your Yahoo description in order to be consistent with the optimization of your website. Also, I’ve seen Yahoo display the directory descriptions in their natural results, so these descriptions should be well thought out. Then, keep your fingers crossed that the editors approve the submission “as is.”

At the same time you should also submit to the DMOZ directory (for free): Google actually has a branded version of DMOZ on their site, and recommends submitting to DMOZ to help you get listed in the Google engine (