AOL buys Weblogs

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

The big new buzzing around the blogosphere today is that AOL has bought Weblogs in an exclusive first published by PaidContent.

Weblogs, started two years ago by Jason Calcanis, is a network of blogs with paid bloggers. The initial focus was on product weblogs like engadget for the latest and coolest tech tools, autoblog for the latest in cars, and blogging baby about pregnancy and baby care.

They’ve added more blogs on technology, video games, media & entertainment and the life sciences. They now have 130 bloggers on their various 85 blogs. You can find the full list at Jason’s personal blog.

Paidcontent says AOL intends to keep the company and the blogs separate from its site. Yeah, right.

Estimate of the deal is anywhere from $20 million to $35 million.

update: AOL confirms the deal to boost its blog presence.

Although Santa Monica, Calif.-based Weblogs will operate with full editorial control and independence as a wholly owned subsidiary, AOL will integrate the blogs into its portal by linking to the best entries. Visitors to AOL’s Moviefone, for instance, might see referrals to Weblogs’ Cinematical blog on films.