Another Recent Change In Google – Wildcard Friday

By Joe


So, as you all may have noticed, 2010 has been a crazy year for Google search. With the revamped search results page, the caffeine update, mayday, and last month we saw a shift in the URLs Google has been serving up. So it should come as no surprise that another change has gone live in Google .

While sending out ranking reports this week I noticed in many instances that rankings for clients on the first page of Google have been dramatically affected. For terms where we once had a solid ranking of 2 or 3 have now been given to the same website ranking number 1. Is this true that Google has given not 1 not 2 not even 3 but in some cases the top 4 organic listings on page 1 to the same site and in many cases a manufacturer. Sadly the answer is yes. AS confirmed by Google webmaster central and I quote “when our algorithms predict pages from a particular site are likely to be most relevant, it makes sense to provide additional direct links in our search results.”

So In conclusion, if you noticed that your overall rankings took a slight dip this month, please note that this change could very well be the cause. I would like to take this time to retract my previous videos thumbs up to google as this change definitely deserves a big Thumbs DOWN. At least from the e commerce world.