AdWords Ad Rotation Update – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


Google has recently introduced a third option to the Ad rotation section within the Campaign Settings.

In the past there have been two options. The first being the default option which is to Optimize Your Ads for Clicks. This option best suits Google since the goal of this setting is to show the ad in your ad group that generates the most clicks. As a business owner this may not be the best option since clicks mean your spend increases but your conversions may not.

The second option is to have your ads rotate evenly. This option is best in order to test multiple ad copy with various messaging and values. You are then able to analyze the data and determine which value ad and message drives the most conversions at the best cost. In our position, we highly recommend this option (as any of you have conducted an audit with us will know). It allows you measure performance from equal number of impressions, giving you the confidence necessary to make decisions.

Recently Google has added an interesting third option into the mix. This new option is to show ads expected to drive more conversions. This could have potential in the future as we gain more insight into this option with actual data coming in. This option could potentially be a big help to those business owners that manage their own accounts and don’t have the time to optimize their ads.

An important note to this option is that if Google is unable to determine which ad in your ad group will drive more conversions it will default back to showing your ads based upon the “optimize for clicks” data. This of course will put you back to square one and possibly put you in the position of spending more with fewer conversions coming in to the site. It should also be mentioned that it determines what ad to show based upon the Conversion Rate, it does not take into account Cost or Cost per Conversion.

If you would like to try this new setting in your account’s campaigns here’s where you go.

In the campaign settings you will want to scroll down to the Advanced Settings. You will then see the Ad delivery section. Expand the plus box to that section. Once expanded you will need to click the Edit link. From there you will be presented with the three discussed options.

Once you have selected which option will be best for your account click the save button and you’re all set. You will have to perform this action within every active campaign in order to have your ads rotated by the method you wish.

Exclusive Concepts recommends that you at least opt into the rotate your ads more evenly option if you are still using the default optimize for clicks option. This just gives you more control over your ads and provides a true gauge of the ad copy’s performance without being skewed by Google’s preference to higher clicked ads.

As with any new feature that gets released into AdWords, you will need to test it in order to measure it’s effects. While Google has offered a new option within a campaign’s Ad Delivery settings that has an e-commerce focus we will need to see how AdWords truly determines the winning ad.

There is no substitute for testing your ad copy by rotating your ads evenly and running performance reports to examine the results over a period of time. This allows you to see real conversion data and make the best decisions that will benefit your business.