Ad-supported Microsoft apps

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Would you accept ads in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint if it meant you could get those applications for free? That may be the direction Microsoft is heading in now that so much software is available to download at no cost. ClickZ asks,

What’s the value of an ad in a spreadsheet? How will it be targeted? Will the consumer even see it?

I’m also concerned about the privacy implications. Will there be anything left on the computer that will not be scanned for purposes of advertiser targeting? Marketers will want to target users based on the content of their work. Will my confidential PowerPoint presentation be readable by ad servers?

Some think targeting in these applications would have to be based on a different data set, like previously-gathered behavioral and demographic information:

“I think it could present some new targeting options,” said’s Valk Peterson. “With the increase in software and digital touch points that folks like Google and Yahoo! are getting into now — the desktop, mail, IM — they’re essentially expanding their suite and providing a set of compelling tools that are free and sync up together. It increases the number of touch points they have… and feeds into a repository of data.”

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