A Tip for Increasing Conversions on your Ecommerce SIte

By Herb

You would think that it would take a major re-work of your website or product offering to get a 9% improvement in conversions. This article (link is valid oly until May 13) demonstrates that a simple repositioning of your securtity logo can have a major impact on results.

Some key observations: Petco.com (the online ecommerce site for the retailer) already had a VeriSign logo on their checkout pages. They tested the impact of putting another security logo (“Hacker Safe“) on the home page. The results were surprising, a 9% sustained increase in sales. In fact, repositioning the logo from the lower right to a more prominent place on the upper left produced a significant improvement.

As the VP for Ecommerce at Petco said:

You get tunnel vision and get so ingrained in your own value proposition that you think, ‘Yeah, we don’t need that.’ The customer still wants validation that shopping online is safe.