A Knitting Salon

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

If I learn that a business has a blog, all of a sudden I’m far more interested in that business.


Because they’re interested in me and not just as a customer.

They want me to know more about their business and why they love it.? They want to share their passion.?

They talk to me as a real person.

Take a look at Woolwinders – a knitting salon.? Right up front they say, “Your project is our passion.”?

Read how “We’re knitting as fast as we can” and you’ll get just how much they love yarns and what they do.? ?

You’ll hear about their favorite new yarns that have just come in and how they knitting up samples so you can see what the new yarns look like.? They even share photos from their recent trip to London.?

They look like nice people, they’re eager to be of help and they clearly love everything about knitting.

They’ve given me a warm emotional connection and I haven’t even set foot? in the shop!

Say I’m a beginning knitter and I have a choice to go to Walmart or WoolWinders, where do you think I’m going to go?

It’s no contest.? And all because they put a blog on their website.