2015: The Next Frontier of Search Marketing for Online Retail

By Nik Rajpal
TOPICSGoogle, Product Ads


I’d say we did well by our clients this year.

  1. PPC: Average 900% increase in profit generated per AdWords account
  2. SEO : Not a single SEO client was impacted negatively by Panda 4.0

Non-clients also won. We had thousands of online retailers learn to harness our approaches through our comprehensive webinar series (live and on-demand), as well as our eBooks.

I’m not scared, but I’m alert! Thanks Matt.

The infamous head of the webspam team, Matt Cutts, is on a very long extended leave from Google. It looks as if he may never return.

During the early part of Matt’s extensive tenure, loopholes in Google’s organic search algorithm helped many online retailers flourish. After 2011, while closing those loopholes, just as many online retailers were crushed and forced to take evasive action; most found salvation in paid search.

In his last active years, he’s found a way to help SEOs and content creators build alignment with the algorithm, turning an divisive industry paradigm into a cautiously optimistic acknowledgement that “we can work together,” but “there’s much work to be done.”

He’s gone for the moment, but it might become forever. Matt’s counterpart at Bing, Duane Forrester, just got laid off from Bing. Firefox just switched its default browser from Google to Yahoo in the U.S., bringing with it a significant portion of market share. This doesn’t even begin to encompass the deep changes that are happening in our industry – in search and online retail. That means there’s a lot to start internalizing and big changes are on the horizon.

No worries. We can control this. It’s time for a new profitable frontier of search.

If you’ve been keeping up with us this year, you already have your content, text ad, display ad and Google Shopping strategies down pat and they are either running very profitably or the trajectories are angled in the right direction.

If not, it’s time to catch up:

SEO for 2015: We’re building beyond the necessary, core focus of content and exploring about a dozen other key aspects of SEO that you’ll need to address in 2015.

Paid Search for 2015: While Google Shopping still rules, it’s time to also focus on the emerging opportunities in remarketing, non-Google PLAs and user experience.

Let’s explore this together.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, 2015 Online Retail Guide to Search Marketing, as we celebrate the successes of 2014, acknowledge the challenges ahead of us, and analyze emerging search paradigms that will lead to even more significant wins in the year 2015.