5 Ways To Optimize Your Cart – Conversion Wednesday

By Dan G


Our topic today is “5 Ways to Optimize Your Cart”

I’ll be your host today, my name is Dan G.

So lets get right to it. How can you maximize your cart’s conversion rate? Here are some tips you can learn from your local grocery store:

    Be Open about your Shipping Costs
    By doing so, you can gain a couple points with your shoppers. One, you need to disclose shipping costs early-on in the checkout process so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions. Finding high shipping costs at the end of a long and arduous checkout process can frustrate any shopper enough to commit abandonment. Many sites avoid exposing this high cost altogether by offering free shipping or purchase incentives with their orders. The 2nd point is that you gain some of your shopper’s trust and loyalty by being upfront with them. Just think about it, if you visited a grocery store and spent a half hour gathering all of your groceries just to find out at that there’s a an extra 5 dollar fee for each bag of groceries you buy, would you A: Get angry and leave the store. B: Contemplate dissatisfied for a short while and buy the groceries anyway, but make a promise yourself to never return to that store. Or C: Be agitated, but continue with the purchase anyway. None of these options are good for the grocery store or you. They’re hurting their business by effecting their customer’s trust, loyalty, and likeliness to return to the store. No one wants to be surprised at checkout. So why would you do it?

  • Use as few pages as possible
    Also at grocery stores, shoppers instinctively head for the shortest line. On the internet, it’s no different; consumers always want the most convenient and quickest checkout. The fewer pages your checkout has, the quicker shoppers can finish their transactions (and the less time they have to rethink their order). Simplify your checkout by consolidating similar forms, such as shipping, billing, and credit card details and reduce the number of required form-fields your cart has. Or better yet, incorporate all forms into an easy one or two-page checkout.

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Now lets “Go the Distance”. What other changes could you make to your cart to maximize conversions?:

  • Include Customer Service Contact Information
    This is also good for 2 reasons. It makes your site look more reputable if you have a phone number or live chat system positioned promintently on your cart pages. It builds trust. And Two, regardless of how much you simplify your checkout, some customers may still require assistance. It’s important to include your customer service contact info, live chat, or help menu somewhere prominently on your cart pages. Otherwise, a confused customer will have no choice but to abandon their cart if they get confused and can’t find the answers to their questions.

  • Take measures against Cart Abandonment
    If a customer still decides to abandon their cart, a pop-up is an effective way to grab his or her attention and save the sale. Make your pop-up a little less pesky with a special offer or an incentive to complete the sale, using a cartpage-abandonment tool, which we might just happen to offer here, at Exclusive Concepts…

  • Offer a variety of payment options
    Not too long ago, the only payment choice online shoppers had was which credit card brand they would like to use. But thanks to the ever-growing alternative payments industry, customers have endless options when it comes time to checkout, as long as your site supports it. With millions of shoppers putting away the plastic in favor of more secure or more convenient or affordable alternative payment options, merchants that only accept credit cards are simply turning customers away. Offering more payment options, increases your chance of having a compatible method of payment with every customer.

On top of all of these, just try and make your checkout process as simple and efficient as possible. The less distractive, overwhelming, and deceptive you can be, the better your checkout process will be.

So how does your cart measure-up? Did you find out you need a total makeover? Or did you pickup a couple new ideas that you’d like to try out? Use your Cart Analytics to help make your decisions. Lets Recap:

  • Are you being open enough about your shipping costs? Are you disclosing shipping costs early enough in the checkout process, so they’re aren’t any surprises later on? Alternatively, are you offering “free shipping” or purchase incentives to curb potential shipping cost disuasion and abandonment…?
  • Are you using the fewest amount of pages in your cart as possible? To ensure your customers are getting the easiest and quickest checkout possible?
  • Is your Customer Service Contact Information prominent enough? Have you tested placing your phone number in different locations or in different fonts or sizes? Have you considered adding a “Live Chat” or testing different locations and designs for that as well?
  • Have you tried anything to reduce Cart Abandonment? Such as a last-minute popup with an incentive?
  • Are you offering the largest variety of payment options possible? Don’t be afraid to go the limit here, you want to cater to all of your potential customer’s needs to maximize your conversion rate.

All of these changes can be tested at various levels and combinations to procure and analyze their overall effect and optimize their effectiveness on your site.

Exclusive Concepts offers a full service testing option for our clients called Conversion Booster that will do the work for you in gathering these analytics and determining the best changes for your site to maximize conversion rate. Then test those changes in an AB or Multivariate test. Give us a call at 1-800-504-4324 if you’re interested in learning more.

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