5 Questions Before Opening Up Analytics – Conversion Wednesday



In order to start making your website more efficient and increase your conversion rate, your analytics can provide extremely valuable information. Unfortunately for most of us, looking into analytics can be daunting and even overwhelming. Without knowing the right question to ask, you can easily be lost in all of the information analytics can provide us. Asking the right question before opening up your analytics can mean the difference between growing your store and leaving it stagnate.

Let’s jump right in and start asking ourselves the questions that will make a drastic impact on our conversion rate.

How many users am I ignoring?

  1. It’s amazing at how many users get ignored on your website
  2. For instance, most ecommerce stores ignore their mobile traffic because they have yet to invest in an optimized mobile website’
  3. Another example is traffic with slow internet connections or small monitors: When’s the last time you loaded your site from a 56k modem on a 13” screen?
  4. Another example may be international traffic, am I serving all countries that are visiting my site? Does my website work and look good in all browsers?
  5. When you only look at one area at a time you might think to yourself: “Oh who cares about people coming from Canada using an iPhone, that only makes up less than 1% of my traffic, but when you add up all of the users your site ignores you may start to realize why your conversion rate is below 3%”

Another question I might want to know is when are users most likely to buy?

  1. When you find out the buying habits of your shoppers you can make changes to your store that helps them complete their purchase
  2. Maybe most shoppers complete their purchase on their second visit and buy on a Monday. This valuable information can help you merchandise and position special promotions around Monday for return visitors

A third question may be: What sources of traffic are not performing and why?

  1. Understanding how and where users are finding your website is key to increasing your conversion rate.
  2. Maybe your PPC campaign is performing well but organic traffic is simply not buying, you may need to target different keywords for your SEO campaign.

My fourth question might be: What checkout errors are my customers receiving?

  1. With the addition of EventTracking in Google Analytics it is possible to track checkout errors from your shipping and billing page.
  2. What if you knew users who had a problem with their coupon code left 80% of the time?

My final question that you may want to ask, am I using analytics on a regular basis and am I getting enough out of it to grow my business?

For a quick recap: In order to grow your ecommerce store faster, you want to make sure you ask the right question before opening up analytics, so here are some questions that may help you get started:

  1. How many users am I ignoring?
  2. When do my users buy from me?
  3. Where are my users coming from?
  4. What checkout errors exist?
  5. Am I using analytics enough?

And that wraps us up for another Conversion Wednesday, I hope today’s information was valuable and if you would like more information on how we can help you increase conversion rates. Please call us at 1-800-504-4324 for a free opportunity audit. Thank you and have a great week everyone!