5 Email Elements to Test – Email Thursday


Need some ideas for future email campaigns? Look No Further.

5 Email Elements to Test

Are you optimizing your email campaigns? Here are 5 ideas to test for better performance:

  1. Subject Line – This is an oldie but a goodie. It requires no additional development time and allows you to test what language triggers more people to open your emails. Subject lines run the gamut – try being straight to the point about what a reader will encounter vs. a being a bit vague to promote curiosity. You could try polar opposites such as a long subject line (you’ve probably seen Joss & Main’s or Rue La La’s) or try an ultra short subject line to pique interest. Find out if symbols (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscellaneous_Symbols) help your email stand out from the hundreds that have accumulated in your subscribers inbox.
  2. Template Changes – Play around with the template real estate to measure CTR on key product features or categories. Small changes can make a big impact. Beyond real estate layout, testing whether or not your target audience responds better to more text, less text, or types of images is important.
  3. From Line – There are many aspects of the From line that can be tested. Length is one: testing 20 characters or less vs. more, another would be testing if people trust a person’s name vs. a company name – though this test is risky since some recognition of brand could be lost. One example I can think of would be J.Crew’s use of Gayle Spannaus’ name (From line: Gayle Spannaus, J.Crew), who’s email contents usually is formulated around personal picks for weekend getaways, and more. J.Crew sends out a lot of other emails – Factory Sale, J.Crew store, crewcuts – but this one email series from Gayle adds a face to the corporate brand. Testing a more personal From line may be best suited for a select segment of your list.
  4. Messaging Consistency – If you’re running an email promotion for your loyal customers or subscribers only, keeping that consistent message from email to landing page is especially important. This can be accomplished in a few different ways: send them to a special landing page so that they remain in the experience, or if you’re already using conversion testing software on your site, try running a specialized banner or layout that shows only for your email traffic to measure added lift.
  5. Timing – Timing is everything! Have you tested different days and times for your sends? Analytics can provide some insight into high converting days to give a basis to start with, from there, split up groups of your subscriber list and send during different days/times to find out if there’s a difference in performance.

What have you tested that has produced amazing or interesting results?