5 Common Mistakes to Testing – Conversion Wednesday



Our topic today is “5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Conversion Testing On Your Ecommerce Store”

I’ll be your host today, my name is Dan T.

Why am I talking about 5 common mistakes to conversion testing today? I hope today you will learn from my hard earned mistakes in order save time and money when starting a conversion testing plan. I have learned these mistakes the hard way over the last 3 years and I want you to avoid them at all costs.

Let’s get started.

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My 5 Common Mistakes Are:

  • Never launch a test on Friday after noon. No matter how simple or confident you are in the test, never begin this test after noon on Friday. If something does go wrong with the test you may not have someone there to help you fix it, losing you time and money.
  • Mistake number 2, make sure you perform a QA in all browsers before and after a test goes live. Even if you are testing a small button change on your product page, it absolutely necessary you check this test before AND especially after it goes live. I cannot stress this mistake enough, if you are not 100% confident in your test, then do not launch it. Even if a small percentage of your users, say Safari on a Mac cannot see your test properly then your test is in jeopardy of not performing as well or worse than expected.
  • My third lesson for you today is to keep your test simple. Technology today allows you to perform mutlivariate tests with as many variables as you like. Unfortunately if you include too many variables in your test you will be waiting much longer for valid results. More variables equals more traffic and more time involved. It also means that you have a almost infinite amount of permutations to QA before and after your test goes live. This does not mean I will shy away from a more extensive multivariate test with clients that have enough traffic, but it does mean I will make sure it’s well worth it before moving forward with a test of this nature.
  • My fourth common mistake is not creating a test based on a data driven hypothesis. We all remember the scientific method in 5th grade science class, following this basic method can save you many long hours and precious marketing dollars.
  • The fifth and final mistake is not continuing to test new elements. In the testing world we call this a wild card, something new and different that you never tested before. Testing out new elements can put you above your competition, following your competitor by copying changes they have made will never give you a competitive advantage.

Here are the lessons I hope you learn from me:
– Avoid launching tests on a Friday
– Check Your Tests in All Browsers Before and After a Test
– Keep your test simple to get results faster
– Use Data Driven Hypothesis to Make Your Test Smarter
– Include Wildcards where appropriate to Keep Learning!

I hope these hard earned lessons are helpful for you. I know they are useful for us here at Exclusive Concepts to ensure we consistently offer the best Conversion Testing service possible.

Here at Exclusive Concepts we strive to challenge ourselves, learn from our mistakes and continue to grow every day. If we sound like the team that you want to work with, please contact us for a free conversion audit. Contact us at 1-800-504-4324.

Thank you and have a wonderful Conversion Wednesday!