4 Ways to Improve Your Welcome Emails – Email Thursday

By Tim


My name is Tim, I’m an Internet Marketing Strategist here at Exclusive Concepts and today I’ll be discussing 4 ways to improve your Welcome emails.

The first way to improve your welcome email campaigns is to make sure you’re sending them out as soon as possible.

When someone signs up to receive emails from you, they expect a welcome email. This is especially true if the expectation has been set that they will receive an initial discount or offer. When sending a welcome email, wait no longer that 24 hours to send. The sooner the better, and immediately is ideal. The longer you wait to send, the less motivated people become, and the greater the chance people will forget they signed up and forget your brand.

The second way to better utilize your welcome email is to gather additional segmentation data.

By now it’s widely understood that segmenting your email list is an incredible way to drive better ROI from your campaigns. The goal is to send the right message, to the right person at the right time. Segmentation is often accomplished by analyzing user behavior, but another great way to develop your email segments is by gather data straight from the horse’s mouth. Your welcome email is a great opportunity to send people towards a more detailed preferences page, or give them the option to fill out a survey that gives them the opportunity to tell you directly what they’re looking for. The more you can directly speak to the interests and demands of your customers, the better performance you’re going to get out of your future email campaigns.

A third way to improve your welcome campaigns is to promote your other brand channels.

Email is an incredible way to stay in touch with your customers while at the same time realizing great returns. But the amount of emails you can send to keep people in touch with your brand certainly has its limit. Because of this, utilizing the welcome email to introduce your customers to your other brand channels such as your facebook page, twitter page, blog or can be an excellent way to keep your customers engaged and up to date with your brand without having to rely upon email exclusively to do so.

The fourth way to improve your welcome email campaigns is to send more than one.

For the same reasons why you went to send the initial welcome email as soon as possible, you want to follow up with another email relatively soon after the initial welcome. Once they’ve been welcomed in, you don’t want people waiting a month until they receive their next correspondence in the form of a newsletter let’s say. You want to strike while the iron is hot, so consider setting up an automated email trigger that goes out 5 or so days after the initial welcome. Make the second round more focused on conversion than the first, consider using a promotion to get better results and to reinforce the value moving forward.

That’s it for email Thursday. I hope you start to see some welcome email improvement, and I hope you have a great day.