3 Ways to Promote Social Media Through Email – Email Thursday



Want to promote your social media through email? 3 ways to get it done!

Don’t Assume

Although Facebook and other forms of social media have been prevalent for almost a decade, don’t assume that everybody is familiar with social media.

Although it’s safe to assume that most people have heard of Facebook or Twitter, it’s important to explain why your Facebook or Twitter community are different from your competitors’.

You will also want to reinforce the notion that the experience from social media is different from your website or email. In other words, email subscribers will gain additional benefit from following you on Twitter.

Examples of this uniqueness could include Facebook-exclusive offers, or a means to directly dialogue with your company or brand.

In your email campaign, you may also want to include directions on how to “Join” on Google+ or add a “Like” on Facebook. Again, social media may not be intuitive to all of your readers.

Gradual Process

This is a photo of Rome. Just like Rome, your social media empire will not be built in a day. Be patient!

Continue to promote your social media presence over the course of multiple campaigns.

In addition to promoting your social media presence in your campaigns, try to find different ways to position your social media site. Examples of this include posting a product sneak preview on your Facebook wall, adding a cool link to an article on your Twitter, and hosting contests on Pinterest.

The bottom line is to keep your readers engaged from the point of the email link to your social media channel.

Be Strategic

Finally, be strategic. In a mad rush to get Twitter followers or Facebook fans, it’s easy to lose sight of why you are getting these leads. So take a moment to ask yourself, why are you doing this?

First and foremost, what are your plans for your social media community? How are you identifying and monetizing the opportunities that social media present?

It’s undeniable that your promotion of social media is costing you time, resources, and money. So what is your Return On Investment?

Thirdly, social media, just like any other marketing channel, cannot exist in a vacuum. How is social media moving your marketing strategy forward?

Is social media driving your bottom line? And can you eventually leverage social media to grow your email subscriber population?

The digital marketing channel is cluttered. Your competitors can steal your engaged subscribers away in a heartbeat with better offers, better presentation, more relevant messaging, etc. The key to maintaining viability with your marketing is to coordinate your marketing channels towards a singular goal.

Make sure that your marketing channels are coordinated from A to Z. Make sure that your messaging is consistent, your design is resonant with your target demographics, and you keep a focus on your brand and company throughout your marketing.

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