3 Tips to Improve Your Emails – Email Thursday

By Dan G
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Improve Your Email Marketing with these 3 EASY Tips!!

Intro to Email Success

Email Marketing has become a vital tool to retain return customers for your site. Today we’ll discuss 3 tips you can use to improve your email marketing program.

  1. Creating Niche Targeted Messages – To pin-point certain segments of shoppers on your site.
  2. Sending Relevant Content – Stay in-tuned with your shoppers and keep your emails relevant to the changing times.
  3. Adding Personalization – Make your emails seem more like a letter and less like a blast.

If you follow these 3 suggestions with your email program you will undoubtedly see an improvement in you conversions and open-rate.

1) Target Your Emails!

Don’t forget to Target your emails. Targeting is about communicating directly to your audience based on their preferences, previous buying history, location, climate and more. By targeting your emails you increase your return on investment (ROI) by creating email campaigns for targeted groups of recipients. By segmenting your emails into certain groups, customers who have purchased lets say, rubber ducks in the past 6 months, you can create a marketing message that is seen by recipients who are more interested in complimentary products, such as rubber duckies, rather than generic product promotions you might normally blast out to your customer-base.

2) Send Relevant Content!

Send Relevant Content – Many users may simply gloss over your emails simply because its not relevant to the times. It is easy for merchants to continually send promotional emails over and over again because that is what we think their recipients want. While these emails may work, initially, over time you’ll see that the the number of emails on your list dwindle as recipients become hardened to the lack of seemly relative content. Be mindful of the trends and analytics on your own site and in your industry. Remember, the number one reason people use email is for personal communication, so don’t shy away from asking what kind of information your recipients would like to receive.

3) Personalize Your Emails!

Adding Personalization – Most email-marketing programs will allow you to personalize the subject line and insert a first name while still more advanced email solutions can allow you to dynamically insert personalization based upon the recipients interests. Making the recipient feel you have more of a one-on-one relationship with them is key to gaining readership.

Here is an example:

Hi (insert name),
Thank you for your recent order of (dynamically insert product) [puppy gloves]. We really value your business and your loyalty to our site since (dynamically insert first purchase date) [2/29/12]. and we’d like to offer you (dynamically insert saving offer based on pre-set variables) [20% off] off your next purchase! Thanks again for your continued business. Happy Shopping!

With a personalized message like this, your recipient’s will be more inclined to read it, since you addressed them by name, and feel more important, valued, and respected since you remembered them and their purchase history. Wouldn’t you rather receive promotions that benefit you more personally? This is yet another way you can optimize and increase your conversation rates with your email campaigns.


Thanks for Reading! And Remember to heed these 3 points in your next set of email campaigns:

  1. Create Niche Targeted Messages
  2. Send Relevant Content
  3. Add Personalization