3 Key Google AdWords Settings – Wildcard Friday

By Matthew


Today, I will be going over 3 key Google AdWords Settings that are imperative to successful campaign performance.

The first setting deals with the 2 networks your ads can potentially be opted into. The Search Network allows your ads to be seen on Google and Google Search Partner websites while the Display Network allows your ads to show on sites across the internet that are relevant to your keywords. In terms of targeting, these 2 networks are very different. Therefore, your campaigns need to be opted into one or the other, not both. By default, new campaigns are opted into both networks so it is extremely important to edit this setting in order to opt into only the Search Network or only the Display network.

One of the core components of PPC is testing. Whether that be testing different messaging in your ads or testing new keywords, you have the ability to try new things and see what works. It makes sense then, to allow your ads to rotate evenly so with enough data you can make decisions. By choosing the “Rotate” option each of your ads will get equal chance to prove themselves. The other ad rotation options, “Optimize for clicks” and “Optimize for conversions,” are valid choices, but take some of the testing out of your hands.

The third setting is ad scheduling. By default, all new campaigns are set to show all days and hours, but you can adjust this schedule to fit your objectives. For example, you might find that you have a very low return on ad spend (ROAS) during the hours of midnight to 8 AM compared with the rest of the day. You can choose to pause your ads during this time period or you can lower your bids. Say you have limited budget and can’t show your ads every day. You can choose time periods or days to pause your ads.

Updating all settings to meet the objectives of the campaign is extremely important because these settings will affect whether or not you see a positive return on ad spend. However, the 3 settings I have discussed directly affect your budget and the opportunity to test.

Before you start optimizing a campaign make sure these 3 settings put you in an opportunity to succeed.