3 Benefits Every Merchant Can Achieve with Google Shopping

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By now you know that Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads) has transformed the way Exclusive Concepts thinks about and executes ecommerce PPC campaign strategies.  We even created a new service around Google Shopping because it’s that important.  We’re here to tell you why you must enter into the Google Shopping arena if you haven’t already.  And if you are, how our service will help you optimize your campaign and your Google Merchant Center feed to reap amazing results.

Product Listing Ads Are More Profitable than Text Ads

In the majority of our accounts, product listing ad (PLA) campaigns show a greater return on investment than general text ad or display campaigns.  In fact, our CEO, Scott Smigler, gave examples of great results generated by PLAs.  Since PLAs contain the product image, price and title, they better help to qualify potential shoppers than text ads by adding the visual element.

Product Listing Ads

An example of Product Listing Ads

Our proprietary technology helps you to achieve profitable results as we optimize your feed around your desired targets.  For example, say you carry over 9,000 products, but only 1,000 of them have a profit margin over 50%.  These are the products you want potential shoppers to buy.  We’ll craft a custom campaign around these products so your bids are much smarter.  Similarly, perhaps you only want to target products that meet a certain average order value.  We’ll dig through your data and mine the products that meet the threshold, creating a campaign that targets these items.  Additionally, we’ll rewrite your feed product titles and descriptions to target more keywords.  Even though Google Shopping isn’t keyword based, products show based on queries that best match your titles and descriptions.

Get Into the Game at a Less Expensive Cost

For those of you who have had negative PPC experiences or are turned off by high cost per clicks, Google Shopping is a great way to get exposure while seeing profitable results.  By and large, many of our clients see a much lower cost per click with PLA ads than they do text.  In fact, we’ve found that our clients’ average cost per click for PLAs can be up to fifty percent cheaper than text ads.  Google Shopping gives you a much more level playing field.

Having a Feed Allows You to Setup Dynamic Remarketing

A great benefit of having a Google Merchant Center feed is that it gives you the ability to apply for the Dynamic Remarketing beta.  Dynamic remarketing allows advertisers to remarket to visitors by showing them the specific products they viewed on your site.  These products are pulled from the advertisers’ Google Merchant Center feed and inserted into the display ads.  Just like PLA clicks, remarketing ad clicks can come at a much lower cost.


Google Shopping is perhaps the most important aspect of AdWords for ecommerce merchants.  It is imperative that both your PLA campaigns and product feed be setup for success.  Please contact us if you have any questions about Google Shopping or how our service can help you.  Also, sign up for our webinar on March 27 entitled, Profiting from Google Shopping.  Happy shopping!



Google Shopping Webinar

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  • Proven PLA strategies to show great results
  • AdWords management techniques to spark performance

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