2010 PPC Tuesday Videos – PPC Tuesday



Last week on PPC Tuesday, my colleague Kevin discussed how to continue holiday sales by targeting post holiday shoppers!

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This week I am going to review the PPC Tuesday videos we released this year.

We covered many different topics during our inaugural year and have set the bar pretty high for 2011. From PPC fundamentals, to advanced strategies; from new Google features to the search alliance, 2010 has been a very busy year for PPC, and we have been there every step of the way.

If you missed any or videos, search our blog and catch up on your favorite topics.

We began our series covering a bunch of different aspects of PPC fundamentals, with our first video premiered on January 7th and discussed the important role Ad text plays in your efforts.
Then 2 weeks later we discussed the importance of your account structure, followed by keyword match types, URLs, Landing pages, and the relationship between different Ad group components in what we described as the Relevancy Trifecta.
We then moved on to cover other areas of the PPC world, returning to the fundamentals in May, when we present a more advanced look at account structures.
In mid-August we discussed the importance of Ad Rotation, and in September, negative terms. Our last fundamental video of the year was in mid-October regarding how to optimize Display URLs.

One of the core components of Exclusive Concepts is to teach our clients what we do and why we do it. We extended this concept to our PPC Tuesday videos, and gave a lot of useful information to business owners that can help them improve their efforts without hiring us to manage their accounts.

We spoke about the search and specifically the PPC landscape, and how to approach it for the best results. This began with our second video of the year: using Google Services to drive PPC. This was followed by a 3 week run in March when we covered the different advertising networks available, dove into Google’s content network, and reviewed the search engines in depth. In April we reviewed industry statistics measuring PPC’s place in the advertising world and the tract its following. In May we explored the relationship between PPC & organic SEO efforts and in September looked at the impact of Google’s Instant on PPC.

We also looked at management strategies, including March 2nd’s video exploring In-House vs. Agency management & April 20th’s video exploring why Business Owners may give up on PPC too soon.

PPC is driven by performance, and Exclusive Concepts looked at how we can help explain and effect the performance you are seeing. In April we presented a review of important metrics. On June 1st we recapped a webinar we held where we discussed the different strategies behind driving performance, and in September we dove in to advanced metrics and how tracking specific numbers can tell you where to focus your efforts. In November we explored Google’s Quality Score – including some fluctuations at the time.

In managing PPC efforts, it is important to keep in mind outside factors driving behavior, the biggest of which is the seasonality. We produced a number of videos addressing a particular season and how to capture it. This began on August 31st when we looked at the Holiday Preseason, including Halloween & Thanksgiving related opportunities. We then dissected the holidays with a series of videos throughout October and November, including: Staying Ahead of the Curve on 10/5, Using Long Tail terms a month later on 11/2, Meeting Demand with budgets the next week on 11/9, and then Speaking to the Holiday Shopper on 11/30. Last week on December 21st we explored the Post Holiday season.

This past summer we spent some time showing you how to use different tools to better drive your account perfomance including June 8th’s video exploring Google Research Tools, June 22nd’s on Excel Formulas, and July 20th’s review of Desktop tools. On October 19th we dove into Google’s Traffic Estimator.

2010 saw a lot of advancements in the world of PPC, and Exclusive Concepts was there to review and distill them so you can get the most value out of them.

AdWords matured during the year bringing in other services and more insight into ad performance. My coworker Kevin & I had a 2-part series on Remarketing from March in to April.

We also stayed abreast to Google’s new reporting features including the introduction of their Search Funnel reports on May 11th and also in May their Search Query reporting on the 25th. On June 29th we discussed reporting conversion values the cornerstone of our Profitable PPC offering.

We also kept up with new tools coming up including our coverage of the Display Ad Builder on June 15th and continuing into August with Broad Match Modifier on the 3rd, and the Campaign Experiments tool a week later. In December we spent two weeks reviewing the new Product Listing Ads.

In August we introduced you to Product Extensions on the 24th and in December Sarah and I had a two part series on Product listing ads that ran on 7th & 14th.

While Google continued to mature, Bing did not sit ideally by. The biggest news of 2010 has to be the Search Alliance between Yahoo & MSN, and we were there every step of the way with our coverage, including videos on July 13th, September 7th and November 16th.

We were also there when MSN’s AdCenter released new tools, including our July 6th coverage of their UI update, the 27th when we explored the Tools specific to Bing, and on October 26th when again covered AdCenter updates including the long awaited conversion tracking!

So that’s it, 2010’s PPC Tuesday in a nutshell. We look forward to seeing what next year brings!