2010 in Review – SEO Monday

By Joe


As we turn the page of 2010 and move on to a new chapter of the Exclusive Concepts blog for 2011…I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for a retrospective of the top search terms for the year. As you all would expect, a few of the main PLAYERS in the game such as Google and facebook made the list but a few others may surprise you.

In terms of people, celebs, and pop culture icons, Justin Bieber by far surpassed all.
Followed by Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Manaj and Miley Cyrus.

As for the most popular Twitter accounts. It should be no surprise that the list of top followed tweeters are celebrities.
Kanye west made the list this year at number 3,Kim Kardashian came in at number 2, and once again as proof that the nation has gone Bieber crazy, Justin Bieber took the number one spot of the most popular twitter account.

In ecommerce, the Ipad took the number one spot of the hottest product search, followed oddly enough by air compressors at number 2, air conditioners at 3, calculators at number 4, and the fifth went to Microsoft Windows 7.

And as for The top 5 news stories of 2010:

5.Brett Favre made the list. Between his off the field drama, and on field antics the future hall of famer consistently made headlines throughout the year.
4.Sandra Bullock made top headlines between her brutally public divorce and her oscar winning performance for best actress in the film Blind Side.

3.Earthquake as a term was the 3rd largest news search this year as it seemed a record number of quakes rattled the world.
2.To play off the numerous earthquakes in 2010 .The second largest searched news story was the quake in haiti. This record breaking earthquake was the worst in 200 years. The death toll reached 300,000 plus and the quakes damages were estimated to be around 13.2 billion dollars.
And the number one news story of 2010 would be the BP Gulf oil spill. This catastrophe was the largest accidental marine oil spill in history which spewed roughly 208 million gallons of crude oil into the ocean. The environmental and economic devastation that this spill caused will take years to correct.

And as reported by Google the list of fastest rising searches are :

10. Mocospace – a mobile chat site
9. Glee – a hot new musical TV show about high schoolers in a glee club
8.Grooveshark – a free music streaming site
7. Facebook – a popular social networking site
6. Myxer – a free ringtone, wallpaper and mp3 site
5.Justin Bieber – pop singer big among the tween market
4.The World Cup – an international soccer tournament huge among every country except the US.
3. The iPhone 4g
2. Chat Roulette – a randomized online chatting site
1. The iPad – Apple’s hot new media tablet