By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

One of the many reasons I’m so pleased with the Internet is that it’s so easy to look up phone numbers. Just type in the name of the store, restaurant or person in the Google search box along with the name of the city and state and in a second you have the phone number. But, if a computer’s not accessible, you’re out of luck.

Remember the days when you would wrestle with a ten pound phone directory and thousands of pages filled with tiny print? Of course, you could just call 411 for directory assistance and ask. But those days are long gone with 411 calls costing a dollar or two, sometimes three.

UNTIL NOW. Goodbye to 411 fees, hello to ads. Now there’s FREE 411. You just have to listen to a targeted audio advertisement. for 8 or 10 seconds.

So, if you call asking for Gino’s pizza house, you may hear an advertisement for Domino’s Pizza. The service will ask you to press 1 to be connected to Domino’s and 2 to be put through to Gino’s. An interesting twist is that the advertisement doesn’t go to the company willing to pony up the most money for the ad, but to the company within the specific vertical such as plumbing, taxis, pizza, etc. which is offering the biggest discount or the best deal

Residential calls will be targeted with general advertisements for things such as new movies or more targeted advertisements based on the zip code the person is calling from.

Let’s wish this new company, Jingle Networks, the very best.

UPDATE: From Renee Blodgett who was at DEMO and tried the service which she said was flawless and pleasant. She also adds this.

According to the Kelsey Group, 71% of small businesses prefer to pay for leads via the telephone versus clicks to their Website. Jingle Networks has already signed on over 35,000 leading local and national merchants and service providers are already advertising on the service, including 1-800-FLOWERS, Rescue Rooter, Entertainment Book, ServiceMagic (an IAC/InterActiveCorp Company), Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Terminix and others.