Amazon Holiday 2021:

Primetime Playbook for Growth & Defense

Whether your focus is on growing sales, building your brand, or both, you can't neglect defending your Amazon position. Get the playbook for Q4 success.


Join EXCLUSIVE, along with eComEngine, to get:

  • New Amazon data, indicators, and predictions to guide your holiday success
  • Ways to keep riding Prime Day momentum from now to the new year
  • All critical dates & requirements so you don’t miss any opportunities
  • Ad, inventory, and review strategies for today, Cyber5, and beyond
  • Info on new features enabling you to engage directly with Amazon shoppers
  • Presented by These eCommerce Experts:

    Nik Rajpal

    VP of Marketing Sciences,

    Becky Trowbridge

    Content Strategist,

    Collen Quattlebaum

    Marketing Manager,

    Dana Lidsky

    Marketplaces Specialist,

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    A Trusted Partner in eCommerce
    A Trusted Partner in eCommerce

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